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Roofing in Hampshire

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Roofing | At JB Home Improvement, we can build you any kind of roof whether it be a pitched, tiled or flat roof.


Flat Roofing
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If you are building an extension, garage or commercial building then you may want a flat roof. There are a number of benefits that come with this style of roof. Flat roofs are very accessible as you will be able to clean the roof and make repairs very easily. Perhaps most importantly, flat roofs are the most affordable type of roof and are often cheaper than alternative roofs.

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Pitched Roofing
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A pitched roof is a classic style of roof which is found on many homes up and down the country. If you are looking to build a roof on a new property, a pitched roof will offer style, refinement and character to your property. Pitched roofs although normally costlier than a flat roof, often have a longer lifespan. If you have the budget, roofs will often offer greater value over the long term. If you are looking for a pitched roof or a carpenter in Hampshire, get in touch with us at JB Home Improvement.

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Tiled Roofing
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We have years of experience building and maintaining roofs, and we are proficient in building all kinds of tiled roof whether clay or concrete. Tiled roofs are extremely popular in the UK and there are a number of different styles and colours to suit almost any kind of property. If you want a durable roof that is both durable and hard wearing, a tiled roof is a great choice. To find out more about our roofing services or carpentry in Hampshire, get in touch with us today.

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Fascias, Soffits, & Gutteringcarpentry and roofing in hampshire

The fascias, soffits and guttering are important components of your home that often get overlooked. The fascias, soffits and guttering are integral elements of your property and ensure that water, debris and hard weather do not impact on the structural integrity of your home. As such it is vital that all of these parts of your house are not only fitted correctly, but also properly cleaned and maintained. At JB Home Improvement we can provide expert help and assistance if you would like us to ensure that your fascias, soffits and guttering are in optimal condition.

If you need any part replaced we will be able to install quality parts which are affordable, durable and very easy to maintain. Repair work is relatively easy and we can fix these parts with minimal disruption to your home life. If you haven’t properly cleaned your fascias, soffits or gutters in a while, then why not schedule regular maintenance and we’ll be able to keep these components of your property in excellent working condition. If you are looking for professional help or you are looking for a carpenter in Hampshire, then please get in touch with us at JB Home Improvement.

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roofing and carpentry in hampshire